Quality pool cleaning service in Bushland Beach and surrounding areas

To make sure your pool is healthy to swim in and keep it that way requires some effort. Aqua life pool services takes all the effort out of swimming pool maintenance and repairs with its quality pool cleaning service in Bushland Beach – you don’t need to worry about anything, just enjoy swimming whenever you want to.


Mobile servicing

Regular pool cleaning service in Bushland Beach includes brushing down areas of potential algae growth, vacuuming pool, backwashing sand/DE filter or hosing cartridge filter, testing water, adding chemicals, checking pump, filter and chlorinator and emptying pump and skimmer baskets.


Water testing

Our experts in chemical treatment of pool water will use the latest technology to get accurate readings of the levels in your pool water and explain exactly what your pool needs to keep it crystal clear, fresh and healthy.



During the pool cleaning service, our repairers can take care of noisy pump, blown fuses, reduced suction, pump not starting, seized pump, reduced output from chlorinator, no readings on your chlorinator, automatic cleaner not moving, and other problems. Please give us a call for a prompt response and expert repairs.